The Experience

Kelly Slater Wave Co provides the ultimate surf setting, providing the highest levels of service and experiences. Kelly Slater Wave Co technology comes alive in partnership with the World Surf League, delivering unparalleled surf programs, training and events that share the stoke of surfing.

Kelly Slater Wave Systems

This next level technology produces the longest, open barrel, high performance, human-made wave in the world. Founded on a formal scientific investigation to recreate the best ocean waves, Kelly Slater Wave Systems are designed, constructed and maintained to the highest industry standard delivering reliability, safety and performance. This is the only wave system to earn the WSL Certified designation, meaning the waves are fit for WSL elite competition.


Surf Ranch is the first of its kind, an immersive surf lifestyle experience in the middle of farm fields in Central California (over 100 miles from the ocean). Surf Ranch is a bucket-list surf destination resort, offering epic waves, overnight lodging and farm to table cuisine, delivering lifelong memories for those who visit.

The Story

The first images of Kelly surfing the wave at Surf Ranch were shot on December 5, 2015. The video sent shock waves through the surfing community. The story began more than a decade earlier with Kelly Slater pulling together some of the brightest minds in fluid dynamics and committing to a formal scientific exploration into recreating the best ocean waves.

“a wave like this will change the future of surfing”

- national geographic