Between barns, horse ranches, and farm fields in California’s Central Valley there is an epic wave that is available to all. A bigger, better, longer wave than any created before. We call this place Surf Ranch.

The Wave

The central feature of Surf Ranch is the wave, the first of its kind. We built a 6-foot barreling wave that travels over 2300 feet yielding up to minute long rides. The wave can be controlled allowing a wave riding experience for surfers of all skill levels.


The clubhouse, locker room, and connecting outdoor patio space, hot tub, and fire pit will provide an active communal area for you and your guests to socialize while taking in views of The Wave. You can bring and store your own boards, but we’ve also assorted a world-class boardroom with wave-riding craft of all shapes and sizes. The nutritious, healthy food is made-to-order by our expert chef sourcing local, organic ingredients.


Beyond the perfect wave and luxurious yet comfortable amenities, we’ve built a staff of friends and experts to improve your surfing, ensure your safety, provide hospitality, and deliver positive energy that is contagious both in and out of the water.


WSL Certified facilities are eligible to host WSL competitive events featuring the world's best surfers on the world's best human-made waves. These venues bring athletes and spectators closer together than ever with new viewing angles, heart-pounding action, and unforgettable moments. And with a programmable start time, the contests will be broadcast live to more screens around the globe than ever before.