The Technology

The longest open barrel high performance human-made wave in the world. Take a closer look at the latest version of Kelly Slater Wave Systems and what sets it apart.

Kelly Slater Wave Systems

The greatest wave system technology as experienced by Gerry Lopez, one of the world's most respected surfers and waterman.

The Technical Advantage
This wave is made possible by a number of integrated technologies, creating a larger dynamic system, known as Kelly Slater Wave Systems.


Our patented hydrofoil generator creates waves with significant power. The main wave breaks without power degradation and provides a consistent energy profile for the surfer. Surfers can see the power when it barrels, hear it when the lip splits the water and feel it speeding down the line.


The technology produces sizable wave faces up to 8 feet in height. The main wave breaks with no size degradation throughout the ride, providing a wave suited for competitive events and exhilarating guests.


The wave form is inspired and designed by world class ocean waves. This includes large open-barrels for tube riding and long sloped faces for turns and airs. These characteristics coupled with other wave profiles provide the ultimate conditions for skill progression and fun for all types of surfers.


The system delivers the longest human-made wave in the world with rides up to a minute in duration. This allows surfers to get settled on their board and to dedicate their time to on-wave progression. The stoke is next level when you ride the wave all the way through to completion.


The system includes proprietary dampening technology that reduces chop and seiche created by the wave. This allows for calm conditions to be present before the next wave rolls. These calm surface conditions allow for guests to have a smooth ride free of surface chop.


The system provides tailored waves for all levels of surfers, its Dial-a-Wave technology is extremely “tunable” modifying wave form, height and power from one wave to the next. One wave can feature a pro doing progressive airs with the next wave delivering a smooth roller for youngsters on soft tops.


The system is designed, fabricated and operated to the highest commercial standards to ensure performance and reliability. Kelly Slater Wave Co works with global leaders in dynamics systems and brings significant expertise to the design, fabrication and maintenance of these robust systems.


Endless design opportunities to create supplemental wave, water-based and beach lifestyle activations.

“This is the future, this is what we've dreamt about”

- Stephanie Gilmore, 7x Women's World Champion